How My Sessions Work

Want a session, but not sure what to expect?

Hi there! I wanted to take a minute and briefly explain how most of my sessions work. Regardless of which session you choose: Mini, Standard or Custom they all require the same things to get started. 

A picture of the animal you wish to connect with; preferably with their eyes visible. 

Why a picture? This helps makes the connection process quicker. I'm not swimming through a sea of beings having every "Lucy" come when I call and have to sort out which Lucy connects to the client I'm working with. Think of the picture as a calling card. 

The list of questions

This is important. I need to see the questions BEFORE the session so that I can properly prepare. By providing the list before hand; I can ask for clarification/elaborate or in some cases advise that you ask another question all together. The question might not be appropriate to ask of spirit or one that just is not in your best interest to ask (More on that in another blog post). You're paying for this service and by providing the list before hand you get clearer, more concise responses. 

How Each Session Is Completed

Once I receive payment we begin to work on scheduling you in. I ask that you provide a list of days and times that work for you along with the picture and list of questions. Please keep in mind that my time zone is EASTERN (STANDARD/DAYLIGHT SAVINGS) TIME. 


Mini sessions are only offered via email. They are generally no more then one or two questions. I connect with the animal and then provide the responses via email. Session complete. 


These sessions are strongly encouraged to be completed via email, as I am an automatic writer. Meaning, I sit and meditate on the questions. Call everybody in then start writing everything that I receive. Having nothing to focus on but the task at hand is how I work best. That being said. I will, for some, allow sessions to be completed by phone. *Note Phone sessions tack on an extra fee*

At the start of these sessions I will email you to let you know that we're all set to begin. Usually I include some preliminary statements/feelings. Once we begin, you (the client) are free to respond and discuss every response that I provide until the completion of the sessions (Usually about an hour, depends on what you ordered). Just like a phone conversation, except via email. 


Again, if you should have ANY questions about how this works, PLEASE don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

With Love and Light,