I had been looking for an animal intuitive for some time now, because I had questions about my feline brother up in heaven and another feline brother still here. Renee helped calm my fears and concerns about Harley who passed away last year, and even brought in some extremely useful information about my other brother-cat who was still here with us. Renee’s beautiful work brought me to tears of relief and LOVE! Harley always had the loudest purr on him, like a motor, and she picked up his purr INSTANTLY! Renee is honest, respectful and full of love and compassion, she truly understands the relationships and connections built between human and animal. The entire process felt like a “coming home” experience, I would recommend Renee’s services to ANYONE wishing to seek out extra communication with their animals, alive or passed on. I feel more connected to Harley now, and it removed an enormous amount of dormant grief within me. Thank you so much!
— Perrie Massouras 2016
I am a dog sitter for two dogs, and I was getting frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t fully understanding them. One of the dogs would frequently run up to the fence and bark aggressively at people and other dogs, uncontrollably and scaring everyone! I tried popular obedience methods with little success. I felt like I had no control, and she just wasn’t willing to be obedient. I was super interested in what Renee would say.

When she communicated with the dogs long-distance, I had an open mind and was hopeful, but I really didn’t know what to expect. She had me ask a question for each of the dogs. I asked the Barker why she runs up to fence and barks at everything. I also asked both dogs what they need from me.

Renee found that the Barker loves to hear her own voice, and she didn’t know she shouldn’t do that behavior. Renee also said she asked her not to bark like that. Thank goodness! Renee helped me realized I was constantly telling her “No,” without showing her what she could do! Once I figured that out, I was able to change my behavior. Sure enough, the Barker followed suit!

For the Obedient dog, Renee said she asked, “Where are my people?” I didn’t tell Renee any other info about the dogs. She didn’t know that the Obedient dog was displaced due to her owner falling ill a few years ago. So I started talking out loud to the dog to explain what happened to her. Renee also told me that she needs consistency, stability, and more affection. Done and done!

I would not have been able to remedy this without the help of Renee! Thank you so much! I noticed immediate changes. Even a month later, I noticed so much frustration is gone. I received wonderful guidance and beautiful message from Renee. Not only did she help me fix a problem, she told me the dogs think I’m the fun one! I just love it! Thank you again, Renee. This means the world to me!
— Valerie F
Renee’s reading for my friend (cat) made me smile! She described him to a “t”. She was able to pinpoint what was causing his rapid breathing. And was able to alleviate any concerns over it - it’s just him. We adopted him last year, and Renee was able to confirm he is happy with how everything is. Overall, I was very happy with the reading. It made my day! I would highly recommend a reading with Renee for your special friend. Thank you Renee.
— Sara


About Me

Hi, I'm Renee

I've been communicating with animals my whole life. As an avid animal lover; I enjoy helping people to get a better understanding of their animals and why animals do the things they do.

I enjoy guiding people to better themselves and open up to new ways of thinking.